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Sunday, April 23, 2006

One Common Faith

There is every reason for confidence that the period of history now opening will be far more receptive to efforts to spread The Glory of God's message than was the case in the century just ended. All the signs indicate that a sea change in human consciousness is under way.

Early in the twentieth century, a materialistic interpretation of reality had consolidated itself so completely as to become the dominant world faith insofar as the direction of society was concerned. In the process, the civilizing of human nature had been violently wrenched out of the orbit it had followed for millenia. For many in the West, the Divine authority that had functioned as the focal centre of guidance -- however diverse the interpretations of its nature-- seemed simply to have dissolved and vanished. In large measure, the individual was left free to maintain whatever relationship he believed connected his life to a world transcending material existence, but society as a whole proceeded with growing confidence to sever dependence on a conception of the universe that was judged to be at best a fiction and at worst an opiate, in either case inhibiting progress. Humanity had taken its destiny into its own hands. It had solved through rational experimentation and discourse -- so people were given to believe -- ALL of the fundamental issues related to human governance and development.

Tomorrow, a bit more...


Blogger Art V said...

I'm not sure rationality can be put back in the bottle as it were. We have progressed so that religion is increasingly revealed as the fairy-story it is, feeding on ignorance and child-hood indoctrination.
Of course it survives and even thrives in some backward corners of the globe, and will remain a danger for some time to come, I dont doubt.

5:14 AM  
Blogger Karridine said...

Art, thanks for expressing what is a common belief, that religion is for the irrational, crippled, immature and ignorant in the world.

I agree with you, that much of what today IS CALLED RELIGION, is of the destructive, manipulative and willfully-ignorant variety you describe.

Watch as I develop the line of reasoning, Art...

1:48 AM  

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